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*No shows for any facial appointment will be charged the full rate of the service. We understand that although accidents happen, we are setting aside time for your service. Please regard our time as we would regard yours.

**Late-cancel or late-reschedule skincare appointments will incur a $50 fee. All appointments must be rescheduled or canceled within 12 hours of the scheduled appointment time. 

The Serenity Facial | $220 | 90 min

The Serenity Facial includes 90 minutes of pure relaxation.

The skin is cleansed with luxurious and rich products that are deeply massaged into the skin. The calming scents of chamomile begin the process of detaching from everyday stress. After an exfoliation a skin analysis is preformed to determine which ingredients will be added in a custom masque. While the masque absorbs into the skin, a partial body massage is performed including neck, shoulder, arms, hands, legs and feet.

Using infused essential oils and aromatherapy one is easily relaxed during the 20-minute body massage. The masque is then massaged in, deeply penetrating and nourishing the skin. A serum, eye cream, moisturizer and SPF 30 are then applied to the skin followed by a relaxing deep scalp massage. All the stresses of the day will have been melted away after experiencing this facial!

The Event Facial | $145 | 60 min

The Event Facial is recommended to have before a special event.

This peel and masque process creates perfect glowing skin while minimizing pores and hydrating skin. The stimulating peel removes the top layer of dead skin cells creating a flawless surface to nourish and plump the skin to a perfect luminescent glow.

A recommended treat to add to this facial is the dermaplaning add-on. By removing the vellus hairs of the face, make up and skincare products are easily applied to the skin for a flawless look.

Dermaplaning Treatment | $125 | 45 min

The Dermaplaning treatment includes a cleansing, toning, dermaplaning and hydrating masque followed by SPF 30.

Microdermabrasion Treatment | $125 | 45 min

The Microdermabrasion Treatment includes a cleansing, toning, microdermabrasion and hydrating masque followed by SPF 30.

Back-cial | $85 | 45 min

A facial but for your back.

The Teen Facial | $85 | 45 min

This facial is perfect for the teens. This facial includes a cleansing and exfoliation. After a light steaming, extractions are done. During the whole facial the technician will be explaining the process while also educating them in skincare and the steps to help keep their skin healthy. A High frequency machine used to zap bacteria and a light SPF to follow.


*No shows for any facial appointment will be charged the full rate of the service. We understand that although accidents happen, we are setting aside time for your service. Please regard our time as we would regard yours.

The Undetermined Facial | $100 & up | 50 min

Don’t know what kind of facial service to book? By selecting the Undetermined Facial you are reserving the hour time slot in which the best facial can be chosen after the skin assessment.

Bright and Light Facial | $135 | 50 min

The Bright and Light facial utilizes a natural organic form of hydroquinone to help brighten and lighten the pigmentation of the skin. This facial creates an instant glow to the skin and is perfect for any skin type. This facial is also natural and safe for new moms to be!

Clear Skin Facial | $145 | 50 min

Acne problems? The Clear Skin Facial is designed to help rid the skin of acne problem areas. After a cleansing and toning, extractions are performed to where all pores are emptied from congestion. A detoxifying masque of eucalyptus and mint is then applied to reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria. Ending with eye cream, acne serum and SPF 30.

Anti-Aging Facial | $125 | 50 min

The Anti-Aging Facial is completely custom based facial. This facial is geared towards any age and can help with prevention, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and stimulating collagen.

Hydrating Facial | $130 | 50 min

The Hydrating Facial is one of the most nourishing facials. It focuses on the health of the skin providing nutrients of chamomile, aloe vera and avocado oil to balance and hydrate the skin. Perfect for any skin type.

Hydro-glo Facial | $180 | 60 min

Revitalize your skin with our Hydro-glo Skin Brightening System! Our Hydrodermabrasion gently exfoliates and hydrates for a luminous complexion, while Multi-Prong Microcurrent with 7 Different Color Lights addresses multiple skin concerns. Say hello to radiant, rejuvenated skin.


Dermaplaning add on to any facial | $75
Microderm add on to any facial | $75
Add On Eye Treatment | $40


Full Face wax | $75 | 30 min
Neck Wax | $32 | 15 min
Ear Wax | $20| 15 min
Upper + Lower Lip Wax | $19 | 15 min
Cheeks | $20 | 15 min
Chin Wax | $20 | 15 min
Nose Wax | $10 | 5 min
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